July 14, 1984

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Various Wrestling Federations

Great conglomeration of footage from all over that was seen on St. Louis television.

  • Video from the aftermath of Crusher Blackwell's beatdown from Abdullah the Butcher, King Kong Brody & Sheik Adnan al-Kaissee
  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Ben Patrick & Roger Kirby vs Fabulous Ones
  • Promo for Pro Wrestling Report newspaper (between falls)
  • Promo with the Fabulous Ones
  • King Kong Brody vs Steve Olsonowskio
  • Promo with King Kong Brody
  • Road Warriors vs Dale Veasey & Sam Houston: match joined in progress
  • Promo with High Flyers - sign-off of AWA Wrestling
  • Sign-on for WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Tony Garea vs Paul Orndorff
  • Rundown of the upcoming Kiel Auditorium card with promo with Jimmy Snuka
  • Jose Luis Rivera vs George Steele: While not a fan of Lord Alfred Hayes, his equating of Mr. Fuji to Oddjob WAS funny.
  • Video with "Dr. D" David Schultz and family in "suburban or rural Nashville"
  • Promo with Big John Studd about upcoming match against Andre the Giant
  • WWF Update: more on Big John Studd
  • Promo with Roddy Piper, Cindy Lauper and Wendi Richter in preparation for the upcoming match between Richter and Moolah
  • Andre the Giant vs Alexis Smirnoff
  • Promo with Roddy Piper about Fijian strap match
  • Sign on for Central States' All Star Wrestling
  • T.G. Stone vs Jerry Andersen
  • Video of Jimmy Valiant in two different matches with no commentary or introductions. Video ends with Paul Jones and the Grapplers cutting Valient's beard.
  • Gypsy Joe vs Dave Peterson
  • Promo from Harley Race
  • Harley Race vs Ric Flair in Japan
  • Promo from the Uptown Boys (Marty Jannetty & Tommy Rogers): glad that even though they weren't the greatest team together, they found success with other partners. Ted Oates (Central States champion) interrupts the promo. The Grapplers come in to escalate the ensuing brawl.

Championship Wrestling from Florida

  • Quick Promo from Billy Jack while Solie tries to run down the card
  • Mike Rotundo vs One Man Gang: Joined in progress
  • Promo with Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo about their return match with the Guerrero Brothers
  • Dusty Rhodes vs One Man Gang: Two matches with a promo involved from both One Man Gang and Dusty Rhodes.
  • Breakdancers (Brickhouse Brown & Slick) vs Masked Infernos
  • Kevin Sullivan vs Jerry Grey
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Joe Lightfoot, Barry Windham & Blackjack Mulligan vs Angelo Mosca, Black Bart & Ron Bass
  • Denny Brown & Scott McGhee vs Hector & Chavo Guerrero

Memphis Wrestling

  • Tony Torres vs Masao Ito
  • Phil Hickerson & Spoiler vs Jim Jameson & Lou Winston
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart & Rick Rude
  • Porkchop Cash & Dutch Mantell vs Pat Hutchinson & Jesse Owens
  • Promo with Jerry Lawler and Tojo Yamamoto
  • New Generation (Mark Batten & Johnny Wilhoit) vs Hollywood Blondes (Ken Timbs & Dusty Woods)
  • Poffomania vs Ken Raper & John King
  • Poffomania vs Rock & Roll Express with comments from both teams
  • Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jerry Lawler & Fabulous Ones vs Keith Robertson & the Nightmares
  • Promo with Tommy Rich