July 13, 1985

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  • Opening Clip - Dusty vs. Tully at the Great American Bash
  • Interview - Terry Taylor
  • Buddy Landel (with JJ Dillon) vs. Rocky King
  • Interview - New TV Champion Dusty Rhodes mentions Superstation Series - 10 weeks of TV title defenses.
  • Interview - Tully Blanchard (without Babydoll)
  • Buzz and Bret Sawyer vs. George South and Randy Barber
  • Midnight Express with Jim Cornette vs. Jason Walker and Terry Flynn
  • Interview - US Champ Magnum TA - Arn Anderson interrupts "Don't get caught without your partner"
  • Dick Slater vs. Gerald Finley
  • Interview - Dusty Rhodes with Babydoll, Babydoll has to be contained by Magnum TA
  • Interview - Kevin Sullivan
  • National Champ Black Bart vs. Gene Ligon (commentary by Terry Taylor)
  • Interview - Terry Taylor, confrontation with Black Bart (slaps exchanged)
  • Jimmy Valiant vs. The Barbarian (with Paul Jones) Paul Jones interferes and they leave Valiant laying
  • Interview - Paul Jones
  • CLIP - Mid-Atlantic Wrestling: The Boogie Boy brings out a present for Paul Jones (dog collar)
  • Terry Taylor vs. Mike Nichols
  • Interview - Jimmy Valiant
  • Interview - New World Tag Team Champions The Rock and Roll Express
  • Arn Anderson vs. Adrian Bivens
  • Interview - Arn Anderson
  • Rock & Roll Express vs. Larry Clark and Chuck Levins
  • Interview - Tully Blanchard