January 8, 1983

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World Class Championship Wrestling

Current Champions:

  • American Heavyweight champion: Kevin von Erich
  • American Tag Team champions: Freebirds
  • Texas Heavyweight champion: David von Erich
  • World Class Television champion: Great Kabuki
  • World Six-Man Tag Team champions: Freebirds

Being the first televised card since Christmas Star Wars, it builds on the feud that is beginning between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds. The promos are based on this buildup.

  • Buddy Roberts vs Brian Adias: This is Roberts' first match in World Class. Great match between these two guys who never really got a good break at a major title in Fritz's territory.
  • Michael Hayes vs Al Madril: Classic Michael Hayes tantrums throughout the match. The crowd really gets into the match when Hayes is in trouble. Got to love how great the heel's heat can get quickly.
  • $5000 Six-Man Elimination Match: Terry Gordy, Kerry Von Erich, Bugsy McGraw, Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin: As the first match with Kerry and a Freebird, Kerry attacks Gordy right off the bat. Kerry ends up being the first man eliminated. Watching Andre and Bundy battle it out as well as Bugsy and Irwin. McGraw gets eliminated second. Still can't figure out how they didn't have Gordy submit to Andre's vicious sleeper/chinlock/whatever. Irwin finally atomic dropped voer the top rope after viciously beating on Andre with Bundy and Gordy. Thanks to Michael Hayes, Andre eliminated himself from the match. Gordy wins the match by throwing one of the few dropkicks in his career to toss Bundy over the top rope.