January 7, 1984

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Championship Wrestling from Florida

Champions from Florida at the beginning of January 1984:

  • United States Heavyweight champion: Dick Slater
  • United States Tag Team champions: Ron Bass & One Man Gang
  • Southern Heavyweight champion: Cowboy Ron Bass
  • Florida Heavyweight champion: Mike Rotunda
  • Bahamas Heavyweight champion: Dusty Rhodes
  • Tommy Wright vs Hector Guerrero: Decent opening match for the episode.
  • Interview of Mike Rotunda as they build Kendo Nagasaki's entrance into CWF, including match footage from a previous Rotunda-Nagasaki match.
  • Zane Grey vs Kareem Mohammed: Basic squash match where Goliath beats the snot out of David.
  • Mike Davis vs Dr. X: Very even match between these two.
  • Frank Leopard vs One Man Gang: Another squash match, but at least Leopard was not too much smaller than Gang.
  • Interview with Cowboy Ron Bass about the Yellow Dog being Barry Windham in a mask. Is Gordon Solie REALLY trying to keep up the mystique by spelling it all out? Then it goes to J.J. Dillon and One Man Gang. In studio, Mike Rotunda again with Blackjack Mulligan.
  • Tony Diamata vs Kendo Nagasaki: The match begins with the infamous green mist that every Japanese wrestler except Masa Saito in the 1980s when they were in the US. This was the fourth warm-up match of the card due to the card at Nassau Coliseum later that night.
  • Interview with J.J. Dillon and Kendo Nagasaki with questions about his relationship with Nagasaki and his exclusive contract with Ron Bass.
  • Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Rotunda vs Cowboy Ron Bass (c): Quick match that breaks down into a complete brawl, including One Man Gang, Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan and others.

Georgia Championship Wrestling

NWA Georgia Champions at the beginning of 1984:

  • World Heavyweight champion: Ric Flair
  • National Heavywieght champion: Ted DiBiase
  • National Tag Team champions: Buzz & Brett Wayne Sawyer
  • National Television champion: Jake Roberts
  • Video begins with Ole Anderson giving an update on 'Wildfire' Tommy Rich's legal status as regards to wrestling.
  • Bob & Brad Armstrong vs Mike Bond & Chick Donovan: Very even and exciting match between these two teams.
  • Ted DiBiase vs Johnny Rich: Dogfight from the very beginning with the feud going on between DiBiase and the Rich family. DiBiase almost spends as much time on the floor in this match as he did as a manager. Good back-and-forth match between these two.
  • Jimmy Valiant vs Paul Garner: Don't blink. 24.45 seconds.
  • Interview with Paul Ellering and Ron Garvin. Ellering and Jake Roberts (TV champion) demanded Garvin buy a title shot for $35,000. Footage from the Road Warriors' match with Stan Hansen and Bugsy McGraw.
  • Brett Sawyer vs Pat Rose: Good example of why Brett Wayne Sawyer is one of the most underrated and underappreciated wrestlers of the 1980s.
  • Jake Roberts vs Mike Jackson: Jackson gave it a good effort, but there wasn't a question about the winner here.
  • Road Warriors vs Mike Starbuck & Ron Garvin: Starts off with a brawl that involves Garvin replacing Big Red.
  • Promos about the upcoming card at the Omni.
  • Buzz Sawyer vs Roger Bond: Very quick match.
  • Another promo with Paul Ellering. Footage of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.
  • Jake Roberts vs Mike Starbuck: Starbuck looks like he needed some coffee.
  • Wahoo McDaniel vs Chick Donovan: Donovan was one of the over-hyped Southern wrestlers in the early 1980s.
  • Extra promos to close everything out.