January 4, 1982

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3237. Ivan Rasputin vs Tupelo Magnum

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: Ivan Rasputin (countout)

3238. 'Lightning' Lenny Lane vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: Lenny Lane (submission)

3239. Narcissist (w/ Solitaire) vs Altar Boy (w/ Cardinal St. Louis)

Referee: Chad Udinsky
Decision: Altar Boy (pin)

3240. Jason James vs 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews)

Referee: Chad Udinsky
Decision: Xavier Cross (submission)

3241. City of Jackson Heavyweight Title Match: English Gentleman (w/ 5 Starz) vs 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson (w/ Miss Whitney) (champion)

Referee: Marty Gentz
5 Starz's interference in this match lead to the addition of the Number One Contender Match later in the card.
Decision: Johnny Johnson (disqualification)

3242. Witch Doctors vs Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Decision: Canby Twins (disqualification)

3243. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (w/ Amy Andrews)

Referee: Chad Udinsky

3244. Number One Contender Match for the MVW Women's Title: 5 Starz vs Miss Whitney

Referee: Candi Rapper
Decision: 5 Starz (pin)

3245. Mississippi State Tag Team Titles Match: Argonauts (w/ Jason James) vs Ghetto Gang (w/ Boss Crump) (champions)

Referee: Chad Udinsky
Decision: Ghetto Gang (pin)