January 30, 1981

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1835. City of Jackson Heavyweight Title Match: Odysseus Dalton (#7) (champion) def. Mark Bradley (#40)

1836. City of Tupelo Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Mississippi (#4) (champion) def. 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (#9)

1837. Arkansas State Heavyweight Title Match: Terry 'Thunder' Thorson (#12) def. Hank Marshall (#36) (champion) NEW CHAMPION

After the match, Marshall announced that he was leaving the MVW for a "better" organization.

1838. Arkansas State Tag Team Titles Match: Argonauts (#8) def. L.A. Underground (#9) (champions) NEW CHAMPIONS

1839. Tennessee State Tag Team Titles Match: Mississippi's Most Wanted (#6) (champions) def. All-American Alcoholics (#5)

1840. Tennessee State Heavyweight Title Match: Jason James (#11) (champion) def. 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#14) (TV)

1841. Mississippi State Tag Team Titles Match: Canby Twins (#7) def. Ghetto Gang (#1) (champions), DQ (TV)

Chad gets himself purposely disqualified by throwing a fireball in Troy's face in front of Referee Jackson.

1842. MVW Tag Team Titles Match: Norsemen (#4) def. Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams (#2) (champions) NEW CHAMPIONS

Dr. Jackyl inadvertantly blinds Hyde with powder as he was trying to roll up Loki.

1843. MVW Women's Title Match: 5 Starz (#3) (champion) def. Helena Handbasket (#2)

1844. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (#2) (champion) def. 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (#8)

1845. MVW Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Hyde (#1) (champion) def. Black Wolf (#5) (TV)

1846. MVW Six-Man Tag Team Titles Match: Wolf Pack (#5) def. All-American Alcoholics (#1) (champions) NEW CHAMPIONS