January 25, 1979

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332. Six-Man Tag Team Match: Jason James & Argonauts (#3) vs 'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal & Al Madril & 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#1)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Jason and the Argonauts used their size advantage to dominate the match.
Decision: James/Argonauts (pin), 20:19 (30-minute time limit)

333. Six-Man Tag Team Match: 'Disco' Dominic Donovan & Ghetto Gang (w/ Boss Crump) (#4) vs Mr. Mississippi & Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson) (#2)

Referee: Marty Gentz
The Canby Twins take the Ghetto Gang out of the picture after fifteen minutes. The two tag teams battle to the back, leaving Dominic and Mississippi to finish the match. Bronson keeps Crump in line outside the ring. Mississippi gets the pin over Dominic with the Mississippi Mud Pie.
Decision: Mississippi/Canby Twins (pin), 21:33 (30-minute time limit)

334. April (w/ Mr. Tennessee) (#3) vs Amy Andrews (w/ 'Excellent' Xavier Cross) (#1)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Amy rips April apart after their brawl last week.
Decision: Amy Andrews (pin), 5:29 (15-minute time limit)

335. Number One Contender Match: Argonauts (w/ Jason James) (#5) vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams & Al Madril (#3)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
The Argonauts continue their dominance from their six-man match with an even longer match.
Decision: Argonauts (pin), 32:44 (45-minute time limit)

336. Number One Contender Match: Grappler (#1) vs Mr. Mississippi (#2) - Match Text

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Mississippi takes an early advantage in the match and drives it home quickly.
Decision: Mr. Mississippi (pin), 5:38 (60-minute time limit)