January 18, 1979

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325. Argonaut I (w/ Jason James) (#16) vs Travis Canby (w/ Mark Bronson) (#17)

Referee: Andrew Adams
This match never really got underway as a singles match. #2 and Troy were involved from the very beginning. Andrew had no choice but to throw out the entire match.
Decision: NO CONTEST, 0:00

326. Jason James & Mr. Tennessee (w/ April) (#9) vs Mr. Mississippi & 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#10)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Jason and Tennessee take their frustrations out on Xavier and Mississippi, but it backfires on them. Xavier pins Jason after a double underhook backbreaker.
Decision: Mississippi/Cross (pin), 6:54 (20-minute time limit)

327. Troy Canby (w/ Mark Bronson) (#18) vs A.J. Adams (#15)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Troy took A.J. to school for the first five minutes of the match, but A.J. turned it around and got the submission to the Adams Arm Dance.
Decision: A.J. Adams (submission), 8:44 (10-minute time limit)

328. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#10) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley) (#8)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Seth and Dominic fought each other tooth-and-nail. At the end of the match, Dominic went to hit Seth with his brass knuckles, but Seth blocks it. Seth takes control of the brass knuckles and levels Dominic with them for the pin.
Decision: Seth Greeley (pin), 13:57 (15-minute time limit)

329. Argonaut II (w/ Jason James) (#9) vs Al Madril (#4)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Al works through the size difference and pins #2 after a sunset flip.
Decision: Al Madril (pin), 8:13 (15-minute time limit)

330. Non-Title Match: Ghetto Gang (w/ Boss Crump) (#1) vs Al Madril & 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#3)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Ghetto Gang and Crump take advantage of Al's fatigue from his previous match to take him out of the match early. Arnold must face the last ten minutes of the match by himself. Chad pins Arnold after the Down in Flames.
Decision: Ghetto Gang (pin), 14:14 (30-minute time limit)

331. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: Grappler (#1) vs 'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal (#3) (champion)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Steve takes his #1 contender very seriously as he goes to work with his mat wrestling at the very beginning of the match. Grappler finds himself having to fight out of one submission move after another. Steve finally gets him to submit to an anklelock.
Decision: Steve Regal (submission), 14:12 (60-minute time limit)