January 15, 1984

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American Wrestling Association

  • Rooster Griffin vs Billy Robinson: Robinson is billed as the British Empire champion. Basic enhancement match for Robinson.
  • Promo with Bobby Heenan about the upcoming St. Louis battle royale to name the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Heenan challenges the winner of the match between Flair and the battle royale winner to meet AWA World Heavyweight champion Nick Bockwinkel.
  • Best-of-3 Falls Match: Black Panther & Greg Parsons vs Sheiks (Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell): The World Tag Team champions look to have a rather easy enhancement match. At least they wrote it that each of the jobbers got to be the focus of their own fall.
  • Buck Zumhofe vs Bill White: Match joined in progress. Fairly even match for World Light Heavyweight champion Zumhofe.
  • Promo with Verne Gagne about the St. Louis card in February 1984 and his desire to consolidate the NWA and AWA World Heavyweight Titles in a World Series or Super Bowl of Wrestling.
  • Jimmy Dew vs Steve Regal: Very quick enhancement match. What's the deal with all the enhancement matches in this episode?
  • Promo with High Flyers.
  • Kenny Jay vs Nick Bockwinkel: Really? Another quick enhancement match? Did they have everything saved up for February 3?
  • Promo with Jesse Ventura and Masa Saito.