January 12, 1983

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World Class Championship Wrestling

  • American Heavyweight Title Match: Kevin von Erich vs King Kong Bundy: Match replayed from Christmas Star Wars, where it was part of the undercard for the Kerry-Flair cage match. Much of the commentary speaks about Bundy's feud with the Von Erich's with multiple references to Fritz's retirement match.

In his first interview after the cage match, Kerry does a good job of making the injury seem more impactful than it was. If you listen carefully to this interview and the pre-match interview, Kerry almost goes into a stroke slur with his words. The video and audio stop for almost a minute in places.

  • Terry Gordy vs Brian Adias: Kerry von Erich plays a pivotal pre-match role as a distraction for Gordy. Gordy complains for the first ten minutes about the handicap situation. About halfway through the match, Michael Hayes makes his appearance to even the sides. Kerry eventually chases him out of the ringside area, but the chase ends up distracting Adias so that Gordy can piledrive him for the win.

Bill Mercer interviews David Manning about the cage match. Manning talks about the difference in Hayes between the beginning of the card and when the match started. Discussed Hayes being "possessed with authority."

  • King Kong Bundy vs The Samoan: Bundy dominates this match as he begins the reign of Devestation Inc. The first reference to "The Man" (Skandar Akbar) comes at the end of the match.

During the "Last Word" segment, Bundy talks about bringing The Great Kabuki into WCCW as his tag team partner.