February 8, 1982

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3492. Dr. Lucius Love (w/ Strutter) vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams

Strutter gets involved often in the match. Miss Whitney finally comes out to take her out of the match. Arnold has the match well in hand until Narcissist and 'Dynamite' Dick Dunn hit the ring.
Decision: Dr. Lucius Love

3491. Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson) vs All-American Alcoholics

Decision: All-American Alcoholics

3490. Narcissist vs Altar Boy

Decision: Altar Boy (disqualification)

3489. Witch Doctors vs Fine Print

Lee hits #2 with his briefcase. Fine Print then double teams #1 for the win.
Decision: Fine Print

3488. A.J. Adams vs E. Nygma

Decision: A.J. Adams

3487. 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson vs Rockin' Rebel

Decision: Johnny Johnson

3486. J.T. Green vs Wrestling Pro

Decision: Wrestling Pro