February 7, 1982

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Fayette-Ware High School

3401. Mr. Tennessee vs Joey Roos (w/ Amanda Costello) Dark Match

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Mr. Tennessee

3402. Mr. Arkansas vs Loki (w/ Terry Thorson) Dark Match

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Loki

3403. White Funk vs Austin Idol (w/ Fantasia)

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Austin Idol

3404. Mr. Hyde (w/ Dr. Jackyl) vs Odin (w/ Terry Thorson)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Mr. Hyde

3405. Executioner (w/ April) vs Terry Thorson

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Terry Thorson (disqualification)

3406. Redneck Warrior & Colt Murphy (w/ Cardinal St. Louis) vs Norsemen (w/ Terry Thorson)

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Norsemen

3407. City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Match: Grappler (w/ April) vs Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello) (champion)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Boomerang (disqualification)

Mississippi Coliseum

3485. 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams

Decision: Arnold Adams

3484. Canby Twins vs All-American Alcoholics

Decision: All-American Alcoholics

3483. Strutter vs Miss Whitney

Decision: Miss Whitney (disqualification)

3482. Lee Gaul vs Good Time Charlie

Decision: Good Time Charlie

3481. D. Vorce vs Altar Boy

Decision: D. Vorce

3480. E. Nygma vs 'Dynamite' Dick Dunn

Decision: Dick Dunn

3479. Witch Doctors vs 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson & J.T. Green

Decision: Witch Doctors

3478. Rockin' Rebel vs Wrestling Pro