February 6, 1982

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3391. Mr. Tennessee vs Joey Roos (w/ Amanda Costello)

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Joey Roos

3392. April vs Dr. Jackyl

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Dr. Jackyl

3393. Mr. Arkansas vs Loki

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Loki

3394. Fantasia vs Supergirl

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Supergirl

3395. El Hijo del Padre vs Terry Thorson

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: El Hijo del Padre

3396. Holly Luger vs Amanda Costello

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Holly Luger

3397. Grappler (w/ April) vs Ivan Rasputin

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Grappler

3398. Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello) vs Austin Idol (w/ Fantasia)

Referee: Thomas Jackson

3399. Tennessee State Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Hyde (w/ Dr. Jackyl) (champion) vs Mr. Remington (w/ Fantasia)

Referee: Cooper Young
Fantasia offers her managerial services to Remington at the beginning of the match to keep Jackyl out of the match. She manages to keep Jackyl out of the ring during the match, but she proves to be very little help for Remington.
Decision: Mr. Hyde

3400. Wager Match for the Tennessee State Tag Team Titles: Mississippi's Most Wanted (w/ April) vs Smith & Wesson (w/ Theodore Winchester III)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
April offers Winchester the chance to gain the Tennessee Tag titles. She offers herself as his personal servant if his team wins. He promises to sing "The Sweetest Thing" by Juice Newton if her team wins. Sam McGuinness comes out and declares that he is the one who gets to make the matches and the stipulations. Although he wasn't happy with the managers' arrogance, he wanted to see either of the stipulations fulfilled.
As Jackson signals for the bell, Grappler nails Kurt with the title belt. Executioner sets Kurt up on the turnbuckle. Grappler nails the Hangman for the quick and easy pin. Winchester is forced to sing and does a wonderful job with his magnificent singing voice.
Decision: Mississippi's Most Wanted (pin), 0:15 (60-minute time limit)