February 21, 1982

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3435. Austin Idol (w/ Fantasia) vs Mr. Mississippi (w/ Miss Mississippi)

Decision: Mr. Mississippi

3434. Grappler (w/ April) vs Terry Thorson

Decision: Terry Thorson

3433. Executioner (w/ April) vs Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello)

Decision: Executioner

3432. April vs Amanda Costello

Decision: Amanda Costello (disqualification)

3431. Mr. Arkansas vs El Hijo del Padre

Arkansas gets the pin with a handful of tights.
Decision: Mr. Arkansas (pin)

3430. Mr. Hyde (w/ Dr. Jackyl) vs Odin (w/ Terry Thorson)

Decision: Odin

3429. Ivan Rasputin vs Loki (w/ Terry Thorson)

Decision: Loki

3428. Dr. Jackyl vs Kathryn Bahr-Theodore

Decision: Dr. Jackyl

3427. Mr. Tennessee vs Joey Roos (w/ Amanda Costello)

Decision: Mr. Tennessee