February 18, 1982

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Meridian High School

3468. L.A.W. vs Bubba Holden

L.A.W. uses his billy club to knock Bubba out before applying a figure four to secure the pin.
Decision: L.A.W. (pin)

3467. English Gentleman (w/ 5 Starz) vs A.J. Adams

Gentleman and A.J. try to outdo each other in cheap shots and disqualifiable acts.
Decision: A.J. Adams

3466. Herb N. Legend (w/ Old Wife) vs 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews)

Decision: Xavier Cross

3465. L.A. Underground vs Extreme Militia (w/ 5 Starz)

Decision: Extreme Militia

3464. 'Rotten' Ron Starr vs Ashley Longworth IV

Decision: Ron Starr

3463. Old Wife vs Mother Modest

Decision: Mother Modest

3462. Militia Mike (w/ 5 Starz) vs Tommy Thompson

Decision: Militia Mike

3461. Ruthless vs Amy Andrews

Decision: Amy Andrews

Tad Smith Coliseum

3521. Non-Title Match: Redneck Warrior (w/ Cardinal St. Louis) vs Mr. Mississippi (w/ Miss Mississippi)

Decision: Mr. Mississippi

3520. Jason James vs 'Lightning' Lenny Lane


3519. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) vs Colt Murphy (w/ Cardinal St. Louis)

Decision: Dominic Donovan

3518. Gladiator vs Tupelo Magnum (w/ Miss Mississippi)

Decision: Gladiator

3517. Joe Blow (w/ Boss Crump) vs Odysseus Dalton (w/ Jason James)

Decision: Odysseus Dalton

3516. Chad 'Flame' Young (w/ Boss Crump) vs Achilles Capone (w/ Jason James)

Decision: Chad Young