February 12, 1981

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1879. Michael Smith (#43) def. Travis Canby (#35)

1880. Troy Canby (#27) def. Kurt Wesson (#42)

1881. 'Double A' Arnold Adams & Mr. Mississippi (#13) def. Wolf Pack [Grey/Red] (#10)

1882. E. Nygma (#28) def. J.T. Green (#29)

1883. 5 Starz Challenge: Supergirl (#7) def. Amy Andrews (#2) (TV)

5 Starz came out for her title match but declared that she wasn't going to wrestle anyone without someone proving herself. Amy Andrews came out for her title shot, but 5 Starz said she'd have to prove herself. 5 Starz introduced Supergirl as Andrews' opponent. 5 Starz interferes in the match to make sure that Supergirl wins.

1884. Garrett Marshall (#38) def. Mr. Arkansas (#34)

1885. 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (#9) def. Jason James (#11)

1886. MVW Women's Title No-DQ Match: Supergirl (#7) def. 5 Starz (#1) (TV) NEW CHAMPION

5 Starz declares the match to be a no-disqualification match and takes early advantage of the much-overclassed Supergirl. Amy comes out to the ring during a ringside brawl and knocks 5 Starz unconscious with a chair shot to the back of the head.

1887. Grappler (#5) def. 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (#7)

1888. Mississippi State Tag Team Titles Match: Ghetto Gang (#1) (champions) def. Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams (#2)