February 1, 1982

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'Sensational' Seth Greeley comes out at the very beginning of the card to announce that he had been chosen by 'Double A' Arnold Adams to be the Delta District Commissioner. He unveiled the tournament brackets for both Delta District titles that would be fought over the next two months.


3477. MVW Heavyweight Title Match: A.J. Adams vs 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (champion)

Decision: Nate Harris (disqualification)

3476. Bounty Hunter vs Wrestling Pro


3475. Dr. Lucius Love (w/ Strutter) vs Good Time Charlie

Decision: Dr. Lucius Love

3474. E. Nygma vs Deliverance

Decision: Deliverance

3473. L.A.W. vs J.T. Green

Decision: L.A.W.

3472. Michael 'Moonshine' Martens vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams

Decision: Moonshine (disqualification)

3471. Narcissist vs 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson

Decision: Narcissist

3470. Strutter vs Sexy Lexy

Decision: Sexy Lexy

3469. Fine Print vs Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson)

Decision: Canby Twins