Faye Sauder Funeral (Revelation 21)

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Service Notes

  • Liturgical Date: Faye Sauder Funeral - May 1, 2013
  • Hymns: LSB #770, 760, 744

Theme Verse

And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband (Revelation 21:2).

Sermon Text

The two most important things in Faye's life were her Lord and having been Mrs. Stanley Sauder. She was as proud to be Stanley's bride as the Church is proud to be Christ's Bride.

One of the things I was never able to do for her was to find a wedding bulletin that she had seen many years ago. It pictured the sanctuary of a church with a bride and groom standing before the altar. The bride was dressed in this beautiful white dress with the train going down the aisle in the middle of the church. And it had the text for our meditation this morning written along the bottom.

This was the way she felt every time she thought of Stanley. That she was the bride who had been adorned for her husband. Dressed so beautifully. Because Stanley had been a model of her Redeemer. Faye could understand the Bride of Christ's joy. She felt Ruth's joy as Boaz took her for his wife. She felt it every day of her life. Even after Stanley had been called to his heavenly home.

As Christians, members of the Bride of Christ, we're to be prepared when our Lord comes to bring us to live with Him forever. But the wonderful news is that He prepares us. We are "prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." But not just "for" her husband. Also "by" her husband. The Church has been adorned with the white bridal garments of salvation. Having been redeemed from our sins.

As His Bride, Jesus has redeemed us from our inheritance of death just as Boaz redeemed Ruth as his inheritance. The legal kinsman redeemer wanted nothing to do with Ruth. He did not want to "impair" his own inheritance by taking on a Moabite wife. The legal redeemer thought that marrying Ruth might corrupt or even destroy his own inheritance. Thank God that Boaz was not THAT type of redeemer! Boaz was a type of Christ. He was willing to allow his own inheritance to be ruined for Ruth. Whatever his inheritance might have been before taking Ruth for his wife, it wasn't ruined. It was multiplied! Boaz becomes the great-grandfather of King David (Ruth 4:18-22). An ancestor of Jesus (Matthew 1:5; Luke 3:32).

As Boaz was willing to ruin his inheritance for Ruth's sake, Jesus was willing to throw His inheritance away for Faye. And for you. He took on human flesh so that He might become the kinsman-redeemer of all mankind. He truly was "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world" (John 1:29). He brought His inheritance with Him so that those who abide in His Word might enjoy the fruits of everlasting righteousness in Heaven (John 15:5).

Not only did Jesus take on human flesh, He places the robe of His righteousness upon everyone baptized into His death (Romans 6:3). The death that would open the gates of the new Jerusalem. The death providing the wedding garments for the Bride of Christ.

In Jesus' death, Faye was given that wonderful white bridal gown. She was redeemed from her sins. She was promised the everlasting life she now has in her Savior's presence. The promise that it yours by faith today. Jesus has made you a part of His inheritance as He has inherited the entire world through His death and resurrection. Faye rested in knowing that "what God ordains is always good." You may rest in that same knowledge.

Jesus has given you His robe of righteousness in your Baptism. Clothed in that robe, you may rest assured that one day you will be reunited with Faye to live with Christ forever. Amen.