Exodus Plagues

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God's plagues against Egypt weren't just shows of power. They were targeted at some of the major gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology. Below is a list of the plagues and which of the mythological gods they were against.

Plague Reference God(s) Attacked
Nile turned to blood 7:14-25
  • Hapi/Apis (god of the Nile)
  • Isis (goddess of the Nile)
  • Khnum (guardian of the Nile)
Frogs 8:1-15 Heqet (goddess of birth)
Gnats 8:16-19 Set (god of the desert)
Flies 8:20-32
  • Ra (sun god)
  • Uatchit (fly god)
Death of livestock 9:1-7
  • Hathor (cow head)
  • Apis (bull god)
Boils 9:8-12
  • Sekhmet (goddess with power over disease)
  • Sunu (pestilence god)
  • Isis (goddess of healing)
Hail 9:13-35
  • Nut (sky goddess)
  • Osiris (god of crops)
  • Set (god of storms)
Locusts 10:1-20
  • Nut (sky goddess)
  • Osiris (god of crops)
Darkness 10:21-29
  • Ra (sun god)
  • Horus (sun god)
  • Nut (sky goddess)
  • Hathor (sky goddess)
Death of the firstborn 11:1-12:30
  • Min (god of reproduction)
  • Heqet (goddess of childbirth)
  • Isis (goddess of children)
  • Pharaoh (Ra's son)

In every case, God proved Himself to be more powerful than any or all of Egypt's pantheon of gods.