December 5, 1981

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3035. Amanda Costello vs Holly Luger

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Holly Luger (pin), 9:03 (10-minute time limit)

3036. Smith & Wesson (w/ Theodore Winchester III) vs New Kangaroos (w/ Amanda Costello)

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: New Kangaroos (pin), 5:07 (20-minute time limit)

3037. Supergirl vs Mother Modest

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Mother Modest (submission), 7:58 (15-minute time limit)

3038. Supers 1981 Tournament First Round: Abdullah the Butcher vs Loki

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Abdullah (pin), 0:49 (15-minute time limit)

3039. Mr. Remington (w/ Theodore Winchester III) vs 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Brad Adidas (countout), 14:07 (15-minute time limit)

3040. L.A.W. vs Terry 'Thunder' Thorson

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Terry Thorson (pin), 12:34 (15-minute time limit)

3041. Supers 1981 Tournament First Round: Odysseus Dalton vs Achilles Capone

Referee: Jason James
Decision: Odysseus Dalton (pin), 12:07 (15-minute time limit)

3042. Number One Contender Match for the MVW Women's Title: Vixen vs Dr. Jackyl

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Vixen (pin), 25:13 (30-minute time limit)

3043. Tennessee State Tag Team Titles Match: Mississippi's Most Wanted vs All-American Alcoholics (champions)

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Mississippi's Most Wanted (pin), 22:07 (45-minute time limit) NEW CHAMPIONS

3044. Tennessee State Heavyweight Title Match: Good Time Charlie vs Marco Duarte (champion)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Marco Duarte (submission), 18:33 (60-minute time limit)