December 3, 1978

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267. Jason James & Mr. Tennessee (w/ April) (#7) vs 'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal & Al Madril (#8)

Referee: A.J. Adams
Jason complained about A.J.'s assignment as the referee since they were to face each other the following Thursday. His complaints were well-founded as A.J. sped through every pinfall attempt where Jason's shoulders were on the mat but painstakingly slow when Jason attempted to pin an opponent. It was an even count when Regal pinned Tennessee.
Decision: Steve Regal & Al Madril (pin), 7:45 (30-minute time limit)

268. Ghetto Gang (w/ Boss Crump) (#3) vs Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson) (#6)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Off their countout victory over the tag team champions, Ghetto Gang took out their anger on the Canby Twins. By the end of the match, both Canbys were busted open. Chad gets the pin with the Down in Flames on Travis.
Decision: Ghetto Gang (pin), 13:59 (30-minute time limit)

269. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#9) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (#10)

Referee: A.J. Adams
Dominic attacks Seth before the bell as he's signing autographs. Dominic takes the early advantage, but Seth continues to counter with everything he has. Dominic finally gets so frustrated with not being able to put him away that he walks away from the match instead of taking the imminent time limit draw.
Decision: Seth Greeley (countout), 14:28 (15-minute time limit)

270. Argonauts (w/ Jason James) (#5) vs Mr. Mississippi & 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#4)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
The Argonauts bully Mississippi and leave Arnold out of the match. Arnold gets so frustrated that he attacks Jason outside the ring. Jason brings the Argonauts out of the ring and they leave.
Decision: Arnold Adams & Mr. Mississippi (countout), 5:30 (45-minute time limit)

271. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#3) vs Grappler (#1) (champion) - Match Text

Referee: A.J. Adams
Xavier begins strong in the match, but Grappler capitalizes when Xavier rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Grappler makes him submit to an armbar.
Decision: Grappler (submission), 9:41 (60-minute time limit)