December 27, 1981

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Since Mr. Hyde had vacated the City of Somerville Heavyweight Title the week before after winning the Tennessee State Heavyweight Title, Circuit Commissioner Wyatt Earp drafted an eight-man one-night tournament to award the vacant title.


3181. First Round Match: L.A.W. vs Terry 'Thunder' Thorson

Referee: Cooper Young
L.A.W. tosses Terry over the top rope, earning a disqualification. L.A.W. argues with Young over the fact that it was Terry's momentum that carried him over. Young stands by his ruling. Wyatt Earp comes out to say that the referee's ruling stands. He also scheduled a rematch for the following week between L.A.W. and Terry 'Thunder' Thorson.
Decision: Terry Thorson (disqualification), 0:26 (10-minute time limit)

3182. First Round Match: A.J. Adams (w/ Dr. Jackyl) vs Mark Bradley

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: A.J. Adams (pin), 9:11 (10-minute time limit)

3183. First Round Match: Grappler vs Good Time Charlie

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Grappler (pin), 7:12 (10-minute time limit)

3184. First Round Match: Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello) vs Marco Duarte

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Boomerang (submission), 6:36 (10-minute time limit)

3185. Dr. Jackyl vs Amanda Costello

Referee: Nichole LaVerette
Decision: Dr. Jackyl (submission), 14:20 (15-minute time limit)

3186. Semifinal Match: Boomerang (w/ Amanda Costello) vs Terry 'Thunder' Thorson

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Terry Thorson (disqualification), 2:43 (15-minute time limit)

3187. Semifinal Match: A.J. Adams (w/ Dr. Jackyl) vs Grappler

Referee: Cooper Young
While Young was getting Jackyl out of the ring, Grappler grabbed the title belt from the time keeper's table and nailed A.J. with it. He backs A.J. into the corner as Young called for the bell and executed the Hangman for the pin.
Decision: Grappler (pin), 0:24 (15-minute time limit)

3188. Joey Roos (w/ Amanda Costello) vs Loki (w/ Terry Thorson)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Loki (pin), 14:10 (15-minute time limit)

3189. Gladiator vs Redneck Warrior

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Redneck Warrior (pin), 4:10 (30-minute time limit)

3190. Dr. Lucius Love vs El Hijo del Padre

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Strutter makes an appearance at the end of the match. She nails Padre with her loaded purse, allowing Love to get the pin.
Decision: Dr. Lucius Love (pin), 8:25 (30-minute time limit)

3191. City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Match: Grappler vs Terry 'Thunder' Thorson

Referee: Cooper Young
Decision: Grappler (pin), 26:37 (60-minute time limit)