December 26, 1981

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Christmas Chaos II saw ten great matches that defied even the wrestlers' expectations.

3171. Ladder Match: Bounty Hunter vs Ashley Longworth IV

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Bounty Hunter

3172. MVW Women's Title Shot on a Pole Match: Ruthless vs Amy Andrews

Referee: Candi Rapper
Decision: Amy Andrews

3173. Strap Match: Johnny Extreme (w/ 5 Starz) vs Menno Knight

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Menno Knight

3174. Double Dog Collar Match: Bobby 'Badd to the Bone' Browne & Psycho Ward (w/ Naughty Nurse Natalie) vs Duplicity (Thompson & Williams) (w/ Miss Whitney

Referees: Thomas Jackson & Marcus Moreland
Decision: Duplicity

3175. Cage Match: English Gentleman (w/ 5 Starz) vs 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson (w/ Miss Whitney)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: English Gentleman

3176. Dog Collar Match for the City of Corinth Heavyweight Title: Jason James vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Jason James

3177. Strap Match for the MVW Women's Title: Naughty Nurse Natalie (champion) vs Miss Whitney

Referee: Candi Rapper
Bobby Browne and Psycho Ward stormed the ring right after the match began. They cornered Whitney and began to spank her in the ring. Duplicity came in for the rescue, but they were cut off by Extreme Militia. The Canby Twins finally rescued Whitney from Ward's crossface chickenwing.
Decision: Miss Whitney (disqualification), 0:09 (45-minute time limit)

3178. Street Fight for the Mississippi State Tag Team Titles: Ghetto Gang (w/ Boss Crump) vs Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson) (champions)

Referees: Marcus Moreland & Chad Udinsky
This match basically began where the previous match left off. After removing Bobby and Ward from the ring, the Canbys were attacked by Ghetto Gang. As the two teams fought throughout the arena, newly-striped referee Udinsky gets to make his first three-count and crown new champions.
Decision: Ghetto Gang (pin) NEW CHAMPIONS

3179. Barbed Wire Match for the Mississippi State Heavyweight Title: 'Lightning' Lenny Lane vs Mr. Mississippi (champion)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Mr. Mississippi

3180. Arkansas Cage Match for the MVW Heavyweight Title: 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) vs 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (champion)

Referee: Chad Udinsky
Decision: Nate Harris