December 25, 1980

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Christmas Chaos I

This first of the annual Christmas Chaos cards was held at National Guard Armory in Tupelo, MS. The idea behind the Christmas Chaos cards were that the stipulations were randomly selected at the time of the match. None of the wrestlers knew what type of match they were fighting until it was announced by the ring announcer.


1710. Towel Match: 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas (#30) def. Hank Marshall (#35)

1711. Ladder Match: J.T. Green (#27) def. Andrew Adams (#20)

1712. Chain Match: English Gentleman (#24) def. Good Time Charlie (#22)

1713. Falls Count Anywhere Match: 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (#11) def. Terry 'Thunder' Thorson (#9)

1714. Street Fight: All-American Alcoholics (#5) def. Extreme Militia (#10)

1715. Strap Match for the MVW Women's Title: Dr. Jackyl (#4) (champion) def. Helena Handbasket (#2)

1716. Best-of-3 Falls Match: Mississippi's Most Wanted (#8) def. Argonauts (#7)

1717. Street Fight for the MVW Tag Team Titles: Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams (#2) (champions) def. Sensational Excellence (#4)

1718. Texas Tornado Match for the Mississippi State Tag Team Titles: Ghetto Gang (#1) (champions) def. Norsemen (#3)

1719. Cage Match for the MVW Heavyweight Title: Mr. Hyde (#1) def. Mr. Mississippi (#4) (champion) NEW CHAMPION