December 22, 1984

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Memphis Wrestling

  • Danny Davis & Len Denton vs Louisville Sluggers (Steve Constant & Tim Ashley)
  • Promos with Nightmares, Louisville Sluggers, Playboy Frazier & Jimmy Hart
  • Eddie Gilbert (International Heavyweight champion) vs David Johnson
  • Promo with Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Hart with video of Terry Taylor
  • Video with Adrian Street
  • Promos with Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Hart & Troy Graham
  • Interns (Southern Tag Team champions) vs Jim Jameson & Ken Raper
  • Promo with Iron Mike Sharpe & Jimmy Hart
  • Iron Mike Sharpe (MidAmerican Heavyweight champion) vs Johnny Wilhoit
  • Jerry Jarrett comes out to announce the price reductions for the Mid-South Coliseum
  • Nightmares vs Batten Twins