December 1, 1984

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Championship Wrestling from Georgia

  • Promos with Michael Hayes, Jimmy Hart
  • Tommy Rich & Brad Armstrong vs Italian Stallion & Greg South
  • Video of King Kong Bundy
  • Ron Ritchie vs Mike Starbuck
  • Promos with Ole Anderson & Thunderbolt Patterson, Tommy Rich, Bob Roop
  • Video of Jimmy Valiant
  • Television Title Match: Bob Roop (c) vs Lee Ramsey
  • Video of Kamala
  • Promo with Ox Baker
  • Brian Adidas vs Dale Burnett
  • Promos with Ron Ritchie & Tommy Rich, Ole Anderson
  • Video of Eddie Gilbert
  • Promo with Ole Anderson, Thunderbolt Patterson & Jimmy Hart
  • Tim Allen vs Ted Oates
  • ANOTHER Promo with Jimmy Hart, Bob Roop
  • Long Riders vs Frank Lang & Terry Ellis

Memphis Wrestling

Part 1

Part 2

  • Promo with Dream Machine
  • Interns vs Steve Constant & Tim Ashley
  • Video of Fabulous Ones
  • Promos with Tim Ashley, Fabulous Ones, Jerry Lawler
  • Video of Kamala
  • Promo with Jimmy Valiant
  • Rick Rude vs King Kong Bundy
  • Promo with Rick Rude & Jerry Lawler
  • Long Riders vs Terry Ellis & Frank Lang
  • Eddie Gilbert vs John King
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart & King Kong Bundy
  • King Kong Bundy vs Jim Jameson
  • Nightmares vs Lanny Poffo & Tojo Yamamoto