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Fritz Von Erich began WCCW in the Sportatorium in Dallas in 1966. Through that time, his sons were the major superstars. This brought no end of struggles as each of the sons strove to impress their father who was also their boss. Many great superstars for the WCW or WWF began their careers in WCCW (Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin).

WCCW was greatly successful in the Dallas area, despite holding their shows in a dilapidated livestock sale barn. The success started to fade after David von Erich's death in 1984. Kerry, Mike and Chris' deaths lead to the WCCW's death knell. One last-ditch effort to save the WCCW from bankruptcy and closure was SuperClash III in 1988. Fritz sold his majority share of WCCW to Jerry Jarrett immediately following SuperClash.

Less than a year later, the WCCW merged with Jarrett's CWA to form the USWA.