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Location: Tupelo, MS

District: MidAmerican District

Circuit: Oxford-Tupelo-Corinth

Seating Capacity: 400

First Card: January 10, 1981

Last Card: February 9, 2008

Frequency: 2nd Saturday of the month

Arena Notes

Tupelo High School was Arnold Adams' first choice for an arena to begin the MVW in 1978. However, he clashed with school board officials when he sought to have beer sold at the wrestling cards. On January 10, 1981, after the MVW moved its weekly card to Tad Smith Coliseum, Tupelo High School held its first MVW wrestling card as they reached an agreement (without alcohol sales) for a monthly card on the second Saturday of the month. The last card at Tupelo High School was February 9, 2008. The last MVW match at Tupelo High School was at the thirtieth anniversary card on March 9, 2008.