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Mississippi Valley Wrestling was a powerhouse of professional wrestling in the state of Mississippi for almost three decades. It was a super-regional, semi-religious organization that spanned most of the length of the Mississippi River. It survived the constant onslaught of the Continental Wrestling Association and United States Wrestling Association and even both versions of Deep South Wrestling. Despite these successes, the MVW was not able to handle the onslaught given to it by an unexpected source: Total Nonstop Action. With the gaining of TNA's popularity and its rivalry with World Wrestling Entertainment, wrestling fans wanted a more national approach to professional wrestling instead of pro wrestling's backbone of independent, regional federations. At its height, the MVW had 60+ wrestlers under contract at one time. The bell curve of MVW history was complete as it both began and ended with twelve wrestlers.

Current Champions

As of April 30, 1982, the MVW had ten singles titles and four tag team titles.

Title First Champion
(Date Won)
Current Champion
(Date Won)
MVW Heavyweight Title 'Sensational' Seth Greeley
(July 6, 1980)
'Nature Boy' Nate Harris
(February 1, 1981)
MVW Tag Team Titles All-American Alcoholics
(August 3, 1980)
[[Mr. Hyd] & A.J. Adams
(February 28, 1981)
MVW Six-Man Tag Team Titles Wolf Pack
(April 1, 1979)
(November 20, 1981)
MVW Women's Title Amy Andrews
(April 1, 1979)
Miss Whitney
(April 30, 1982)
MidAmerican Heavyweight Title Terry Thorson
(February 28, 1982)
Terry Thorson
(February 28, 1982)
MidAmerican Tag Team Titles Mississippi's Most Wanted
(March 4, 1982)
Mississippi's Most Wanted
(March 4, 1982)
Delta Heavyweight Title L.A.W.
(March 16, 1982)
Menno Knight
(May 4, 1982)
Delta Light Heavyweight Title 'Sensational' Seth Greeley
(May 3, 1982)
Delta Tag Team Titles Witch Doctors
(March 10, 1982)
All-American Alcoholics
(April 21, 1982)
Mississippi State Heavyweight Title 'Excellent' Xavier Cross
(March 9, 1978)
Tupelo Magnum
(April 29, 1982)
Arkansas State Heavyweight Title Mr. Hyde
(January 18, 1980)
Austin Idol
(April 30, 1982)
Tennessee State Heavyweight Title Mr. Tennessee
(July 5, 1980)
Mr. Hyde
(December 20, 1981)
City of Somerville Heavyweight Title Marco Duarte
(September 6, 1981)
Mr. Arkansas
(September 27, 1981)
Highway 82 Heavyweight Title Billy G. Williams
(January 12, 1982)
'Excellent' Xavier Cross
(March 30, 1982)
Interstate 20 Heavyweight Title Odysseus Dalton
(December 7, 1980)
'Dynamite' Dick Dunn
(April 28, 1982)


Riverside Centroplex - Baton Rouge, LA

Biloxi Coliseum - Biloxi, MS

Collierville High School - Collierville, TN

Columbus High School - Columbus, MS

Corinth High School - Corinth, MS

Greeneville High School - Greeneville, MS

Greenwood High School - Greenwood, MS

Reed Green Coliseum - Hattiesburg, MS

Mississippi Coliseum - Jackson, MS

Oman Arena - Jackson, TN

Convocation Center - Jonesboro, AR

Cajundome - Lafayette, LA

Barton Coliseum - Little Rock, AR

Skyhawk Arena - Martin, TN

Mid-South Coliseum - Memphis, TN

Meridian High School - Meridian, MS

Fant-Ewing Coliseum - Monroe, LA

Fogelman Arena - New Orleans, LA

Tad Smith Coliseum - Oxford, MS

H.O. Clemmons Arena - Pine Bluff, AR

Fayette-Ware High School - Somerville, TN

Humphrey Coliseum - Starkville, MS

National Guard Armory / Tupelo High School - Tupelo, MS

Vicksburg High School - Vicksburg, MS


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