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The Gospel of John is the last of the Gospels to be written. It is likely the last book of the Bible to be written and published, around 100 AD. It is unique from the Synoptic Gospels because John doesn't deal primarily with a historical account of Jesus' ministry. John focused on a thematic approach that included seven miracles (signs) and seven "I AM" statements.

Seven Signs Seven Statements
  1. Water turned to wine at Cana (2:1-11)
  2. Official's son healed (4:46-54)
  3. Man healed at Pool of Bethesda (5:1-18)
  4. Feeding of five thousand (6:1-14)
  5. Walking on Water (6:16-21)
  6. Man born blind healed (9:1-41)
  7. Lazarus raised from the dead (11:1-44)
  1. Bread of life (6:22-59)
  2. Light of the world (8:12-30)
  3. Door (10:7-10)
  4. Good shepherd (10:11-21)
  5. Resurrection and the life (11:17-27)
  6. Way, truth and life (14:6-7)
  7. Vine (15:5-11)


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