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Location: Somerville, TN

District: MidAmerican District

Circuit: Collierville-Somerville-Pine Bluff

Seating Capacity: 400

First Card: March 8, 1981

Last Card: January 27, 2008

Frequency: 1st Sunday of the month (3/81-8/81); every Sunday (9/81-1/08)

Arena Notes

Fayette-Ware High School became a standard arena for the MVW on March 8, 1981, as a monthly card on the day following the monthly Mid-South Coliseum card (held on the first Saturday of the month). On September 5, 1981, a deal is made with WMPS AM 680 and Fayette-Ware High School for a weekly radio broadcast card on Sundays. The first weekly card came about the following day.