August 6, 1978

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127. Jason James (#9) vs Mr. Tennessee (#11)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Tennessee started out sloppy in the match. He couldn't quite keep things together. Jason quickly took advantage and got the pin.
Decision: Jason James (pin), 2:29 (10-minute time limit)

128. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#8) vs Mr. Mississippi (#6)

Referee: A.J. Adams
Mississippi starts out strong in the match, but Dominic fights his way back into it. The two get so involved in the match that they don't hear the bell ring at the end of the match.

129. Argonauts (w/ Jason James) (#2) vs Canby Twins (#4)

Referee: A.J. Adams
Argonauts overpower the Twins. Jason's interference from the outside cuts the match short.
Decision: Argonauts (pin), 6:39 (20-minute time limit)

130. Mississippi State Tag Team Titles Match: Grappler & 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (w/ Jessica) (#3) vs Al Madril & 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#1) (champions)

Referee: Marty Gentz
The challengers take the match to the champions from the very beginning. Their youthfulness was on their side as they were able to continue to rebound and regain their wind as the time went on. As the match drug past the twenty-minute mark, Al and Arnold were barely able to hang in there.
Decision: Grappler & Seth Greeley (pin), 23:33 (30-minute time limit) NEW CHAMPIONS

131. 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#4) vs 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (#1)

Referee: A.J. Adams
Xavier and Nate fought as if their careers were on the line. Both men battled brilliantly against each other. Xavier finally got the upper hand with a swinging neckbreaker that lead to a submission victory with a camel clutch.
Decision: Xavier Cross (submission), 17:19 (30-minute time limit)

132. Battle Royale

The entire roster was involved in this match. Xavier Cross won the match, eliminating Mr. Mississippi last.