August 4, 1984

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Central States Wrestling

  • Buzz Tyler vs Gypsy Joe (TV champion)
  • Video of Jimmy Valiant
  • Video of Crusher Blackwell
  • Ox Baker vs M.E.B.
  • Central States Tag Team Titles Match: Uptown Boys (c) vs Grapplers
  • Best-of-3 Falls Central States Heavyweight Title Match: Ted Oates (c) vs Harley Race (joined in progress)

Georgia Championship Wrestling

  • Jimmy Valiant vs Bobby Bass
  • The Masked Asassians vs John Bonello & Keith Larson
  • Pistol Pez Whatley vs Randy Barber
  • Bob Roop vs Vinnie Valentino
  • Promo with Don Kernodle, Ivan Koloff & Nikita Koloff (World Tag Team champions)
  • Tully Blanchard vs Sam Houston
  • Wahoo McDaniel vs Barry Orton
  • Jerry Oates vs Gary Royal
  • Promo with Tully Blanchard
  • The Road Warriors vs Larry Hamilton & Steve Brinson

Memphis Wrestling

  • Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy vs Jim Jameson & Ken Raper
  • Footage of Rick Rude vs Jerry Lawler
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart, King Kong Bundy & Rick Rude about the upcoming World Cup of Wrestling in Japan with a rundown of the one-night tournament to determine Memphis' representative in the tournament
  • Promo with Jerry Lawler about piledriving Angel and the World Cup tournament
  • Video footage of Jimmy Valiant
  • Promo with Eddie Gilbert concerning issues with his relationship with Tommy Rich
  • Promo with Jackie Fargo and Tommy Rich
  • Masao Ito & Animal vs David Johnson & Randy Johnson
  • Video of Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo
  • Phil Hickerson & Spoiler vs Rock & Roll Express: Three matches in less than a minute total!! Promos from both teams after the match.
  • Promo from Jimmy Valiant
  • Promos from Dutch Mantell and Bill Dundee
  • New Generation vs Nightmares
  • Promo from New Generation and Tojo Yamamoto

Mid-South Wrestling Association

  • Promo with Sonny King
  • North American Heavyweight Title Match: Butch Reed (c) vs Magnum T.A.
  • Video footage of Magnum T.A.
  • NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kerry von Erich (c) vs Terry Gordy
  • Promo with Ric Flair about World Title match against Kerry von Erich in Mid-South
  • Video footage of Kerry von Erich

World Wrestling Federation

  • Paul Orndorff vs Salvatore Bellomo
  • B. Brian Blair vs Greg Valentine
  • Women's Title Match: Fabulous Moolah (c) (w/ Captain Lou Albano) vs Wendi Richter (w/ Cindy Lauper)
  • WWF Update about Sgt. Slaughter
  • Piper's Pit raging about Richter's championship win
  • Jerry Valiant vs Hulk Hogan