August 30, 1979

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666. Marshall Brothers (#15) vs Mr. Mississippi & 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#4)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Decision: Mr. Mississippi & Xavier Cross (pin), 8:48 (20-minute time limit)

667. Mr. Tennessee (w/ April) (#21) vs Red Wolf (w/ Lyla Foxx) (#18)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Mr. Tennessee (pin), 2:59 (10-mintue time limit)

668. White Wolf (w/ Lyla Foxx) (#19) vs Jeff Lindberg (#28)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Decision: TIME LIMIT DRAW (10-minute time limit)

669. 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas (#25) vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#10)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Arnold Adams (submission), 10:24 (15-minute time limit)

670. Tom the Trucker (#11) vs A.J. Adams (#15)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Andrew was supposed to referee this match, but he was too busy making out with Helena Handbasket. Jackson takes his place for this match. After Andrew is found, he takes Jackson's next match in the rotation. Helena had taken the night off as Tom's valet so that she could focus on her title shot.
Decision: TIME LIMIT DRAW (15-minute time limit)

671. Al Madril (#4) vs 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#9)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Decision: Al Madril (submission), 11:22 (15-minute time limit)

672. Women: Helena Handbasket (w/ Tom the Trucker) (#5) vs Amy Andrews (w/ 'Excellent' Xavier Cross) (#1) (champion)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Quickest three-count in MVW history.
Decision: Helena Handbasket (pin), 0:50 (45-minute time limit) * NEW CHAMPION *

673. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#6) vs Grappler (#3)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Decision: Dominic Donovan (pin), 7:59 (30-minute time limit)

674. Jason James (#12) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (#8)

Referee: Thomas Jackson
Decision: Jason James (pin), 28:26 (60-minute time limit)

675. $500 Battle Royal

'Nature Boy' Nate Harris wins, last eliminating Jason James