August 3, 1980

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August 3, 1980 found the Mississippi Coliseum as the home for the first one-night tournament for the MVW Tag Team Titles. The end of the tournament found a surprising ending as Mr. Hyde came out to the ring and bloodied the newly-crowned champions. This card also included a second main event where the Fabulous Freebirds defended the MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Titles against the Argonauts. It also included the announcement of the first Fifth Friday supercard in Little Rock.

Mississippi Coliseum

1357. Argonauts (#3) def. Norsemen (#5)

1358. Canby Twins (#6) def. Sensational Excellence (#2)

Mississippi's Most Wanted interfere, costing Sensational Excellence the match.

1359. Wolf Pack [Black/Red] (#8) def. Mississippi's Most Wanted (#4)

Sensational Excellence returns the favor from the previous match. Greeley holds Grappler's feet down while Red Wolf pinned him.

1360. All-American Alcoholics (#7) def. Ghetto Gang (#1)

1361. Terry 'Thunder' Thorson (#12) def. Mr. Mississippi (#4)

1362. All-American Alcoholics (#7) def. Argonauts (#3)

1363. Wolf Pack [Black/Red] (#8) def. Canby Twins (#6)

Red Wolf gets injured in this match. He is replaced by White Wolf in the tournament final.

1364. Cage Match for the MVW Women's Title: Amy Andrews (#2) def. 5 Starz (#1) (champion) NEW CHAMPION

1365. MVW Tag Team Titles Match: All-American Alcoholics (#7) def. Wolf Pack [Black/White] (#8)

Prior to the match, Arnold Adams came out to inform the fans that the MVW had secured a contract with the Arkansas State Fair Board to have a "Fifth Friday" supercard each fifth Friday at the Barton Coliseum on the Arkansas State Fairgrounds. Along with this announcement, Arnold informed the fans of the acquisition of the Razorback Wrestling Alliance. RWA wrestlers would be making their official MVW debut shortly.
After the match, Mr. Hyde hit the ring with a Colt 45® bottle. After busting open both of the new champions, he issued a challenge to the Alcoholics for a title match at the first Fifth Friday against himself and his tag team partner. Hyde also said that he and his partner would go through every other tag team to solidify that they deserved the title shot at the supercard.

1366. MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Titles Match: Fabulous Freebirds (#1) (champions) def. Argonauts (#3), DQ