August 3, 1978

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120. Argonaut #1 (w/ Jason James) (#14) vs Travis Canby (#12)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Argonaut #1 loses his temper quickly and ends the match by throwing Travis over the top rope almost immediately.
Decision: Travis Canby (disqualification), 0:47 (10-minute time limit)

121. Mr. Tennessee (#11) vs Troy Canby (#13)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Tennessee draws the match out by making Troy work for every advantage. Tennessee finally puts the tag team specialist out of his misery after more than eight minutes.
Decision: Mr. Tennessee (pin), 8:39 (10-minute time limit)

122. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#8) vs Jason James (#9)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Jason takes an early advantage, but Dominic quickly turns the table.
Decision: 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (pin), 3:21 (15-minute time limit)

123. Argonaut #2 (w/ Jason James) (#10) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (w/ Jessica) (#7)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Seth tries to keep #2 off-balance, but it proves fruitless.
Decision: Argonaut #2 (pin), 5:26 (15-minute time limit)

124. Mr. Mississippi (#6) vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#5)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Mississippi and Arnold struggle to make either one submit in a great mat wrestling match.
Decision: TIME LIMIT DRAW (15-minute time limit)

125. Grappler (w/ Jessica) (#3) vs 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#4)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Grappler works hard to gain an early advantage that he never really lets up. Xavier has a few shining moments, but they were mostly when Jessica and Amy would get into a brawl.
Decision: Grappler (pin), 10:32 (15-minute time limit)

126. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: Al Madril (#2) vs 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (#1) (champion)

Referee: Marty Gentz
Al wanted to regain his title and become the first two-time Mississippi State Heavyweight champion. Nate put up quite the fight, but he tried to keep himself from falling into Al's traps to brawl and takes shortcuts as he had in their last match.
Al proves to be able to be the better wrestler tonight, gaining a submission victory.
Decision: Al Madril (submission) 55:28 (60-minute time limit) NEW CHAMPION