August 18, 1984

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Central States Wrestling

  • Hacksaw Higgins vs Mike Madigan
  • Promo with Sheik Abdullah the Great and his Army
  • Dave Peterson vs Jim Gorman: Joined in progress. Tracking is a bit crazy off this VHS copy.
  • Ted DiBiase (National Heavyweight champion) vs Zane Smith
  • Tug Taylor Iron Stomach Challenge
  • Central States Tag Team Titles Match: Harley Race & Buzz Tyler vs The Grapplers (champions): Joined in progress

Championship Wrestling from Florida

  • Mike Graham vs Mike Allen: joined in progress
  • Promo with Sir Oliver Humperdink, Billy Graham, Kevin Sullivan & The Lock
  • Mike Rotundo & Chief Joe Lightfoot vs Billy Graham & Kevin Sullivan
  • Dory Funk Jr. vs Denny Brown
  • Florida Heavyweight Title Match: Scott McGhee (c) vs Cowboy Ron Bass
  • Promos with Billy Jack, Sir Oliver Humperdink & crew, Blackjack Mulligan & One Man Gang
  • Highlights from Pistol Pez Whatley vs Black Bart
  • Video from Billy Jack concerning missing children in Florida
  • Hollywood Blondes vs Breakdancer & Tommy Wright
  • Take Five with Blackjack Mulligan & One Man Gang
  • The Saint vs John King
  • Promo from Kevin Sullivan

Memphis Wrestling

  • Mark Ragin vs Pat Hutchinson
  • Footage from recent Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude match
  • Promo from Jackie Fargo
  • Rundown of Monday night card in Memphis with promo from Jerry Lawler
  • Promo with Jimmy Hart and Rick Rude
  • Jim Jameson vs Eddie Gilbert
  • Footage of the National Tag Team Titles match between the Road Warriors and Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol with promo from the Road Warriors
  • New Generation vs Keith Robertson & Kurt Von Hess
  • Video footage of Fabulous Ones
  • Promos with the Fabulous Ones, Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert
  • Expiration of Time Match: The Nightmares vs Dutch Mantell & Tojo Yamamoto
  • Video of Jimmy Valiant

World Wrestling Federation

  • Ken Patera vs Billy Travis
  • Steve Lombardi vs Kamala: Hulk Hogan comes out after the introductions as nothing more than a distraction.
  • WWF Review featuring Junk Yard Dog and Don Muraco
  • Presentation of WWF Women's Title belt to Wendi Richter: Fabulous Moolah attacks
  • Mario Mancini vs Greg Valentine
  • WWF Update with Piper's Pit with himself as a guest
  • Piper's Pit with Sgt. Slaughter
  • Dave Barbie vs Tito Santana (Intercontinental champion): Brutus Beefcake comes around the ring as a distraction for the fans