August 17, 1978

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138. Mr. Tennessee (#11) vs 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump) (#8)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Tennessee came out strong at the beginning of the match, but Dominic's experience was the ultimate deciding factor in the match.
Decision: Dominic Donovan (pin), 6:30 (10-minute time limit)

139. Argonauts (w/ Jason James) (#2) vs Canby Twins (w/ Mark Bronson) (#4)

Referee: Andrew Adams
The Canby Twins unveiled their new manager, Mark Bronson. Mark became the great equalizer for Jason in the match. The Canbys were able to take advantage of their quickness to get the victory.
Decision: Canby Twins (pin), 13:47 (30-minute time limit)

140. Jason James (#9) vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley (w/ Jessica) (#7)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
Seth came out to a quick advantage on Jason. Jason managed to regain control, but Jessica proved to be quite the distraction during the match. At the end of the match, Jason tried to reach for Jessica through the ropes. Jessica blinded him with some powder to the eyes. Seth was able to pin him with the Sensational Sunset.
Decision: Seth Greeley (pin), 13:05 (15-minute time limit)

141. 'Excellent' Xavier Cross (w/ Amy Andrews) (#4) vs Mr. Mississippi (#6)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Both men wrestled a clean, pain-staking match that almost went the time limit. Both men had several opportunities to put their opponent away, but each time the pin fall would slip right out of their hands.
Decision: Mr. Mississippi (pin), 12:12 (15-minute time limit)

142. Grappler (#3) vs 'Double A' Arnold Adams (#5)

Referee: Marcus Moreland
This was the match of the year for Grappler. Although he was already a two-time tag team champion, this match saw his ability shine the brightest in 1978.
Arnold and Grappler battled back-and-forth for almost the entire thirty-minute time limit. Arnold finally gains the victory with a pin fall while holding Grappler in the Adams Arm Dance.
Decision: Arnold Adams (pin), 29:19 (30-minute time limit)

143. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (#1) vs Al Madril (#2) (champion)

Referee: Andrew Adams
Al and Nate battled once again for the Mississippi State Heavyweight Title. There was no doubt in anyone's mind in the National Guard Armory that these two wrestlers were the best in the MVW on that night. The match was shortened when Nate missed an ill-timed flying headbutt. Al covered him immediately for the win.
Decision: Al Madril (pin), 11:23 (60-minute time limit)