August 1, 1981

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2436. E. Nygma (#40) def. Mr. Tennessee (#17)

Referee: Cooper Young

2437. Holly Luger (#7) def. Supergirl (#6)

2438. J.T. Green (#25) def. Mr. Arkansas (#38), DQ

2439. L.A.W. (#43) def. Dr. Lucius Love (#39)

2440. Marco Duarte (#27) def. Colt Murphy (#37)

2441. Mr. Remington (#24) def. A.J. Adams (#13)

2442. Dr. Jackyl (#4) def. April (#3)

2443. Terry 'Thunder' Thorson (#12) def. Mark Bradley (#16)

2444. No-DQ Tennessee State Tag Team Titles Match: All-American Alcoholics (#8) def. L.A. Underground (#9) (champions) NEW CHAMPIONS

Mississippi's Most Wanted attack L.A. Underground before the match. Lindberg and Adidas tell the medical team that they can still wrestle. They come out and ask the All-American Alcoholics for two favors: to make the match a no-DQ match and to watch their backs. AAA agrees. Mississippi's Most Wanted storm the ring and attack both teams. Executioner nails the Guillotine on Deliverance as Grappler nails the Hangman on Lindberg. Executioner drags Deliverance on top of Lindberg for the pinfall.

2445. Non-Title Match: Mark Bradley (#16) def. Mr. Hyde (#2), DQ

'Nature Boy' Nate Harris made his first appearance in the CSPB circuit by attacking Mr. Hyde during the match.

2446. Handicap Tag Team Match: Mississippi's Most Wanted (#5) def. L.A. Underground (#9) & All-American Alcoholics (#8)

Match became a three-on-two instead of a four-on-two after L.A.W. Came down to the ring and attacked Martens. Martens and Charlie battled L.A.W. Back to the dressing rooms. Executioner wins the match by pinning Adidas.