April 30, 1982

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Barton Coliseum

3799. MVW Heavyweight Title Match: 'Nature Boy' Nate Harris (champion) def. 'Disco' Dominic Donovan (w/ Boss Crump)

3798. MVW Tag Team Titles Match: Mr. Hyde & A.J. Adams (w/ Dr. Jackyl) (champions) def. Argonauts (w/ Jason James)

3797. MVW Women's Title Match: Miss Whitney def. Amy Andrews (champion) NEW CHAMPION

During the match, referee Candi Rapper was knocked out of the ring. While she was unconscious, 5 Starz came down to the ring as Amy Andrews was climbing the turnbuckle to deliver the Amy Splash. 5 Starz pushed her off the turnbuckle and slid into the ring. She nailed Amy with the Blonde Bombshell and drug Miss Whitney on top of her. She then slid out of the ring to help Candi back into the ring to count the pin fall.

3796. Arkansas State Heavyweight Title Match: Austin Idol def. Joey Roos (champion) NEW CHAMPION

3795. MVW Six-Man Tag Team Titles Match: Norsemen (champions) def. Mississippi's Most Wanted & Ivan Rasputin

When it looked like the match was close to being over, Odin was preparing to put Grappler into the Fall from Heaven. Rasputin was able to reach out and tag himself in. He started to gain an advantage on Odin, but it was short lived. As Odin reversed a whip into the ropes, Executioner nailed Rasputin with a big boot. Mississippi's Most Wanted left the ring. Odin quickly planted Rasputin on the mat with the Fall from Heaven for a quick pin.

3794. Holly Luger def. Supergirl

3793. Amanda Costello def. Fantasia

3792. Mr. Remington def. Martin Mercy

3791. Mr. Arkansas def. El Hijo del Santo