April 28, 1982

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Biloxi Coliseum

3784. Interstate 20 Heavyweight Title Match: 'Dynamite' Dick Dunn def. 'Superstar' Johnny Johnson (champion) NEW CHAMPION

3783. Number One Contender Match for the MVW Women's Title: Miss Whitney def. Sexy Lexy

3782. Wrestling Pro def. Bounty Hunter

3781. Bobby 'Badd to the Bone' Browne & Psycho Ward (w/ Naughty Nurse Natalie & 'Grizzly' Gary Adams) def. Witch Doctors

In their return to the MVW ring, Browne & Ward continued their dominance over other tag teams by nearly crippling Witch Doctor #2 before finally accepting the pin fall.

3780. Strutter def. Naughty Nurse Natalie

3779. J.T. Green def. E. Nygma

3778. A.J. Adams def. Troy Canby

3777. Michael 'Moonshine' Martens def. Travis Canby, DQ

A fan came into the ring and attacked Martens, giving him the win by disqualification. After throwing Martens out of the ring, he called himself the Ridge Runner. He claimed that he would rid the MVW of the All-American Alcoholics all by himself.