April 25, 1985

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Mid-South #294

  • North American Title Ugandan Death Match: Terry Taylor (c) vs Kamala
  • Promo with Skandar Akbar
  • Television Title Tournament: Jim Duggan vs Tommy Prichard
  • Promo with Tommy Prichard
  • Kamala vs Thor (Nailz)
  • Promo with Butch Reed
  • Jake Roberts & Barbarian vs Richard Dye & Paul Brown
  • Video of King Kong Bundy vs Steve Williams from 1983
  • Brickhouse Brown vs The Wrestler
  • Promo with Eddie Gilbert
  • Nightmare vs Terry Daniels
  • Bill Dundee vs Jack Victory
  • Terry Taylor (North American champion) vs Edgar Thomas
  • Video of Ted DiBiase (Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation")