April 23, 1983

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World Wrestling Federation

  • World Heavyweight champion: Bob Backlund
  • World Tag Team champions: Wild Samoans
  • Intercontinental champion: Don Muraco
  • Women's champion: Fabulous Moolah
  • Baron Mikel Scicluna vs Eddie Gilbert: A very young Eddie Gilbert in action. A very great display of the great brawler Baron Scicluna was. Gilbert gets the surprise win, even though Scicluna's shoulders were up after two.
  • Pete Sanchez vs Charlie Fulton: Very scientific match between these two. Real quick pinfall with possibly a fast count. Not sure I like the WWF referees in the early 80s.
  • Mr. Fuji vs Swede Hanson: A classic grudge match between two former tag team partners that believe that the other has betrayed him. Good brawl between the two with both Fuji's martial arts and Hanson's backwoods brawling highlighted.
  • Intercontinental Title Match: Don Muraco (c) vs Rocky Johnson: Great match between these two superstars.
  • Johnny Rodz vs Mac Rivera: Rodz gets quite the abuse in the middle part of the match. Rodz does show his experience advantage throughout the match.
  • Main Event: Big John Studd vs Andre the Giant: Apparently this match became a no holds barred match until the ring is swarmed by at least six guys.
  • Bob Bradley vs Jose Estrada: Decent match between the two with a surprise ending. What's with the booking for this card?
  • Tony Altimore vs Tony Garea: Never heard of Altimore before. Only seen a handful of matches with Garea (all tag team matches). Rather ho-hum match. Towards the end of the match there is some serious goofiness going on.
  • Billy Graham vs Salvatore Bellomo: These two former World champions battled in a standby match? This match should have been the main event instead of Studd-Andre match. Vince understands what to put on last, even if it isn't the main event.