April 22, 1982

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Tad Smith Coliseum

3748. Mississippi State Heavyweight Title Match: Gladiator (champion) vs 'Disco' Dominic Donovan

Decision: Gladiator (DQ)

3747. White Funk vs Redneck Warrior

Decision: White Funk

3746. B.L. Zebub vs Mr. Mississippi

Decision: Mr. Mississippi (DQ)

3745. Colt Murphy vs Tupelo Magnum

Decision: Tupelo Magnum

3744. Ghetto Gang vs Smith & Wesson

Decision: Smith & Wesson

3743. 'Lightning' Lenny Lane vs Jason James

Decision: Jason James

Winona Secondary

3756. Non-Title Match: Marco Duarte vs L.A.W. (Delta Heavyweight champion)

Decision: Marco Duarte

3755. Ruthless vs Helena Handbasket

Decision: Helena Handbasket

3754. L.A. Underground vs Extreme Militia

This match went all over the gymnasium. Referee J.C. Capsole stopped the match twice due to a double countout, but 'Sensational' Seth Greeley, the Highway 82 Circuit Commissioner, ordered him to restart the match and made it a Falls Count Anywhere match.
Decision: Extreme Militia

3753. 5 Starz vs Mother Modest

Decision: 5 Starz

3752. 'Bad Attitude' Brad Adidas vs 'Excellent' Xavier Cross

Decision: Xavier Cross

3751. Bubba Holden vs 'Sensational' Seth Greeley

Decision: Seth Greeley

3750. Ashley Longworth IV vs Menno Knight

Decision: Ashley Longworth IV

3749. Herb N. Legend vs English Gentleman

Decision: English Gentleman (pin)