Anderson-Muecke Wedding

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Service Notes

  • Jennifer Anderson-Brett Muecke Wedding - February 19, 2011

Sermon Text

Brett and Jennifer, Solomon reminds us life often seems meaningless. And life is meaningless without love. Without love, we are nothing. Love makes us everything. We go through life seeking love. And once we find it, we don't want to let go.

Although you may have thought you walked through this world without love, you have always had love. You've had the love of your families. But more importantly, you've had God's love. God showed you His love when He made you His child through Baptism. Through the water of Baptism, He washed your sins away. He gave you white garments to wear as His children. These same clothes that Solomon tells you, "Always be clothed in white" (v8). Remembering that God is bringing two sinners into this union. Redeemed sinners, but sinners nonetheless. There will be times that those garments will be stained by sin against each other. Love forgives those sins. God's love gives you His forgiveness always. He is always there to make your garments white once again. And to help you wash each other's robes as you forgive each other.

But you can only forgive because you have been anointed. So Solomon reminds you, "Always anoint your head with oil" (v8). God anointed you with the oil of His Holy Spirit. Through Baptism, He gave you the faith to believe in Him and what His Son has done for you. Exercise that faith. Be in His Word individually, as a couple and as a family. Strengthen the bonds God has created between you. Allow Him to be the tie that binds your hearts together in Christian love (LSB #649.1). Don't sever Him from your hearts or your marriage. Your marriage can only stand in His blessings if He is involved in it and you are involved in Him. Then life becomes no longer meaningless but meaningful.

Meaningful because God has called the two of you together. Brett, God has called you to love, honor and cherish Jennifer. He has called you to be willing to lay down your life for her as Christ laid down His life for the Church (Ephesians 5:25). Jennifer, God has called you to be a helper for Brett. He has also called you to be a stepmother for Brittany, Garrett and Amanda. Going from being single to having three children is a great transition. But God has promised to strengthen both of you to live this new chapter in your lives.

So God has a word for both of you: "Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days ... God has given you under the sun" (v9). Enjoy each other's company. God gives you to each other today as husband and wife. Live together as God's gift to each other in peace, love and harmony. As brother and sister in Christ, but also one flesh through Him who became man to save you. Together, your life is very meaningful. Meaningful enough that in a moment you will promise to take each other "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health ... till death us do part" (LSB p. 276). These vows supply the beginning of the meaningful rejoicing God has planned for you.

Brett and Jennifer, may your life be filled with God's meaningful rejoicing in the gifts of love, family and faith. Being one with each other and one with God, you may face the hardships of life together with joy, knowing that God is with you. Knowing that He is blessing you always. Amen.